MLPE Mount™: The ideal solution for mounting microinverters and power optimizers on solar panels

In the dynamic world of solar energy, efficiency and safety are crucial aspects to ensure maximum performance and durability of installations. In this context, S-5! presents the MLPE Mount™The innovative bracket facilitates the attachment of microinverters and energy optimizers directly to the frame of the PV solar module.

A versatile and efficient design

The MLPE Mount™ is distinguished by its versatile design that allows the installation of microinverters and energy optimizers at any point on the solar PV module frame. This feature offers a number of advantages:

  • Placement flexibility: Installers can place MLPE devices in the most suitable position to optimize wiring and power distribution.
  • Improved aesthetics: By distributing the components evenly throughout the frame, a cleaner, more minimalist appearance of the solar panel is achieved.
  • Simplified assembly: The installation process is simple and fast, reducing assembly times and associated costs.
    MLPE Mount - S-5!

    Manufactured with high quality materials

    The MLPE Mount™ is made entirely of 304 series stainless steel, a material recognized for its corrosion resistance and long service life. This feature guarantees the reliability and durability of the support in adverse weather conditions.

    Compatibility with a wide range of solar modules

    The design of the MLPE Mount™ makes it compatible with a wide range of commercially available solar modules. Its adaptability allows its use in installations with rails or in combination with the S-5! PVKIT® trackless fastening system for metal ceilings.

    Simple and safe installation

    The installation process of the MLPE Mount™ is simple and safe, thanks to its intuitive design and the high quality materials used in its manufacture. Download the product data sheet here.

    In short, the S-5! MLPE Mount™ becomes an essential solution for the installation of microinverters and energy optimizers on solar panels. Its versatile design, high quality materials, compatibility with a wide range of solar modules and ease of installation make it the ideal choice for installers and owners of solar energy systems looking for an efficient, safe and aesthetically appealing solution.

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