Protect your devices with CHINT: Essential tips to keep your home secure

The safety of our electrical devices is crucial to avoid damage and maintain the functionality of our home or workplace. From K-Electric we provide you with practical advice and introduce you to innovative solutions from CHINT to protect your equipment from the most common threats.

Importance of protecting your devices

Storms, power fluctuations and poor electrical installations are some of the main causes of damage to electronic devices. Taking preventive measures can save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary expenses.

Tips for keeping your devices secure

Keep them away from windows and water areas.

It is essential to place your electronic devices away from windows and areas where they may be exposed to water. Moisture and water can cause short circuits and irreparable damage.

Disconnect the unnecessary

Unplugging appliances that you are not using is a simple practice that can prevent damage from power surges or spikes. It also helps to save energy.

Check your electrical installation

A well-maintained electrical installation is key to the safety of your home. Make sure there are no exposed wires or bad plugs, especially in areas susceptible to moisture.

Transient storms and surges

Storms can cause transient surges, which are brief, sudden increases in the voltage of the power grid. These fluctuations can have serious consequences:

Perforation of insulation

Surges can pierce cable insulation, which increases the risk of short circuits and failures in the electrical system.

Damage to equipment

Power surges can damage internal components of electronic devices, reducing their useful life or rendering them inoperable.

Fire hazard

An electrical installation damaged by surges can generate sparks and, in the worst case, cause fires.

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CHINT NU6 Series: Your ally against transient overvoltages

To protect your devices from transient surges, our K-Electric experts recommend CHINT NU6 Series products as a reliable and effective solution. These devices are designed to absorb and deflect power surges, protecting your equipment from damage.

CHINT Product Highlights

SOST Series: NU6 + IGA

The SOST Series combines the protection of the NU6 Series with a General Circuit Breaker (IGA), providing complete and effective protection against overvoltages and overloads.

TOP series: NU6 + IGA + Differential

The TOP Series includes all the benefits of the SOST Series, plus a differential device that offers additional protection against current leakage, further enhancing the safety of your electrical installation.

Protecting your electronic devices from transient surges and other electrical hazards is essential to keeping your home safe and functional. At K-Electric, we rely on the products of the
NU6 Series products from CHINT
NU6 Series products, which offer a robust and reliable solution to ensure the safety of your equipment from power fluctuations and other hazards.

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