Chint Electric’s flagship projects transforming the energy landscape

We are proud of our partnership with a leading company that is transforming the global energy landscape.

  • Zhangbei wind farm: Chint Electric supplied inverters and transformers for this large-scale wind farm, one of the largest in the world, contributing to clean and sustainable power generation.
  • Burj Khalifa Building: Chint Electric products provide reliable and efficient power to this iconic skyscraper, a symbol of innovation and progress.
  • Dubai Metro: Chint Electric supplied power control and distribution systems for the Dubai Metro, one of the most modern public transportation systems in the world.

Testimonials that speak for themselves: customer satisfaction at the heart of the matter

Customer satisfaction is Chint’s top priority. We are pleased to share some testimonials from customers who have experienced the excellence of your products and services:

  • “Chint Electric has been an invaluable partner in the development of our wind farm. Their high quality products and excellent customer service have enabled us to achieve our goals efficiently and reliably.” – Zhangbei wind farm chief engineer.
  • “We are very pleased with the performance of Chint Electric’s products at the Burj Khalifa. Their efficiency and reliability have been instrumental in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of our building.” – Burj Khalifa operations director.
  • “Chint Electric has been a key supplier to the Dubai Metro. Their expertise and commitment to quality have been essential to the success of this project.” – Dubai Metro project manager.

Chint Electric’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction has been recognized by prestigious organizations worldwide:

  • Best Global Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company Award: Awarded by “Global Manufacturing” magazine in recognition of its excellence in electrical manufacturing.
  • Technology Innovation Award: Awarded by the China Electricity Association for its continuous development of innovative technologies.
  • Responsible Business Award: Awarded by the Chinese government for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

At K-Electric, we are dedicated to providing innovative and efficient solutions that light the world with clean, sustainable energy.

We invite our entire community to share their experiences and opinions about our products and services. Together, we can build a brighter energy future!


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