S-5: A global benchmark in fastening solutions for metal roofs

In the dynamic world of construction, choosing the right fasteners for metal roofing is a crucial decision that directly impacts the safety, integrity and durability of structures.

In this context, S-5 has positioned itself as a global benchmark in the sector, consolidating its leadership thanks to its track record, its commitment to innovation and its focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

A legacy of experience and knowledge

S-5 has a track record of more than 40 years in the development and manufacture of fastening solutions for metal roofing. This wealth of experience, together with their highly specialized and qualified team, allows them to offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project, guaranteeing optimum performance and a long service life.


Innovation at the forefront of the industry

S-5 is distinguished by its innovative spirit, continually investing in research and development to offer increasingly efficient, safe and sustainable fastening solutions. Its products incorporate the latest technologies and designs, surpassing industry standards and setting the standard in the market. A clear example of this innovation is the creation of the PVKITthe first rail-free fastening system, a revolutionary solution that has transformed the metal roofing industry.

Exceptional quality and performance

Quality is a fundamental pillar for S-5. All its products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and subjected to rigorous quality controls to ensure exceptional performance and long-lasting resistance to inclement weather. This is reflected in the international certifications that endorse its quality, such as ISO 9001:2015 and UL 796.

Wide range of solutions for every need

S-5 offers a wide range of fastening solutions for metal roofing, this diversity allows them to meet the needs of any type of project, from small residential buildings to large commercial and industrial projects.

Global recognition and prestige

S-5 is recognized worldwide for excellence in the development and manufacture of fastening solutions for metal roofing. Its products have been used in iconic projects around the world, such as the Los Angeles International Airport, the Burj Khalifa, the Beijing National Stadium and the Apple Park Headquarters in Cupertino.

Commitment to sustainability

S-5 is committed to sustainable construction and care for the environment. Its products are designed to minimize environmental impact throughout their life cycle, from manufacturing to recycling. In addition, they have certifications such as LEED and BREEAM that endorse their commitment to sustainability.

In short, S-5 has consolidated its position as a global benchmark in fastening solutions for metal roofing. Its experience, commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability, together with its wide range of products and international recognition, make it the ideal choice for those seeking reliable, durable and environmentally responsible solutions.


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